Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Soliloquy- A person alone on stage speaking whats on his mind
"I have no spur/
To prick the sides of my intent, but only/
Vaulting ambition"
This reason Macbeth is killing Duncan is selfish. He wants to kill Duncan so that he can be king it's not for any ones good but his. Duncan is a loved king he does things for the good of others There is no other reason for Macbeth to want kill him just for his own selfish reasons.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I picked focus as my word because i feel that's the thing i have a hard time doing most of the time. I get distracted and caught up in anything that is possible happening way to easily, At this point his year i am not doing so good and i think if for the rest of the year i try to focus on school and the work im suppose to do then i will do a lot better.


Tuesday Afternoon, January 12th the worst earthquake in 200 years hit less than 10 miles from a city in Haiti, Followed later by 12 after shocks. Homes and national landmarks were destroyed and life's were taken, Millions are displaced and thousands are dead, The Red Cross estimated up to 50,000 deaths, rescue teams from all over the world are descending on Haiti to help were they can.

Blog Vs Paper

At First i didn't like the idea of having a blog and the fact that anyone could look at the work that i was posting, But after Using is a couple times i realized it was so much easier than filling out paper after paper, And the idea of anyone being able to read my works makes me want it to be the best i can do. Typing for me is so much easier for writing i can get my work done on my computer post it on the blog and not have to worry about loosing papers and keeping them organized. My goal for this year is i would like my writing skills to improve and my blog to grow.


The Book Sweethearts is a story about two outcast kids Jennifer And Cameron that become each others only friend, Until one day Cameron disappears without a warning And Jenifer's feels shes lot her only friend. In high school she is known as Jenna she has completely changed her self from how she was as a little kid, Shes everything she couldn't be when she was a kid but she still can't forget about her long lost friend. Unexpectedly he shows up back in her life. You've got to read it to find out what happens between them.
I loved the book i couldn't put it down, Its a Romance/In a way Mystery book. I person that likes unexpected romance should read this book.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Speak- Book Vs. Movie

There are a lot of similarities And differences between the book and the movie. The book goes into more detail about here apperance And makes here seem more Far Gone than in the movie. In the movie she does have the dark baggy clothes but there is scars from biting on here lips And theres no scabs or anything like that. And in the movie she doesnt have a crush on that david kid.

Guilty Or Innocent

In a way Steve is guilty becasue he knew about the robbery. He was also suppose to be the look out, And go into the store And come out and give a sign if the store was clear or not, But as it was said on the witness stand that Steve walked into the store And walked out didnt say anything or Signal anything, I feel that was not a sign, Yes he is guilty in some way but he did not murder Mr. Nesbitt or Rob the store so he shouldn't get life in jail.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Black Boy Accused Of Murder

What wil happen to a black boy accused of murder?

Will i die
Or will i live the life as a jail bird?
Stuck with no where to run
Like a never ending dead end
Stinks like old sweat socks
Skin as black as the night sky
Does this make me a monster?

Will I live a life
like a child

Or live the life of a criminal?

Dear Jerry

Dear Jerry,
I wish I could be there for you. I'm your older brother I should be there for you and you should be able to look up to me. Promise me that you will never do the kind of things I do. Stay in school and don't do drugs.Think about all the tomorrows of your life and stay strong. Okay lil bro? So anyway how are you? How is school going? How is mom really taking this? I know she's disappointed in me i can see it in here eyes when she looks at me. But anyway i hope things are going good for you i miss you and love you bud

Love ya bro

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Completely Different World

A completely different world
Mourning me as if I was dead
My heart is not greatly rejoicing
And I am not singing praises
Another fight almost started
I think I finally understand why
Still too much sunday left
Monday is the state case
A completely different world
I just desperately wish this was a movie