Friday, December 11, 2009

Steve In Jail

Steve in jail.Steve
think he fail. Steve
had dream.Steve
now Screams.Steve
want in.Steve
now in. Steve
want out.Steve
have doubt

Friday, December 4, 2009

Someone Like You By:Sarah Dessen
Someone Like You is a book about to young girls and there Struggle together to make it through there end of high school with an unexspected challenge an loss. The strongest of the two friends Boyfriend dies in a motorcycle accident and she finds out later on that she is pregnant
I loved this book it was amazing I like how it was set up the plot,Conflicts and just the way it was written the only thing i didn't like was the way the book ended i was it would of went a little farther and told more about the characters new life and challenges.
I would recommend this book to a reader that likes a love story an a drama all in one.
The book is 281 pages so it is a good length book. My favorite quote from this book is "Life is an ugly,awful place not to have a best friend